Tuesday 8 October 2013

CFML: savecontent update: actually not being implemented

This is a shame. Last week I reported that my savecontent enhancement request was marked "to fix" (3643125). Unfortunately today the status has been changed to "closed/deferred".

I still really don't understand Adobe's approach to bug tracking. If something's been "deferred", it should not be closed. "Deferred" implies it's not been handled yet, but will be, whereas "closed" implies that something has been handled, and that's the end of that.  Even if it's deferred until ColdFusion 12, 13, etc, the issue should still be OPEN. But there is an awful lot of things I don't understand about how Adobe manage their bugbase, so no real surprise.

I don't, btw, have much of a gripe with them not fixing this just yet. I can see how it might be a bit of an undertaking to get block statements to act like expressions, although that in itself is a cool notion! Then again ColdFusion 11 is definitely the correct release to do this work in, if they're trying to draw a line under CFScript coverage. I seriously don't think the way savecontent works currently is correct, and the longer that syntax persists, the more entrenched it's gonna be in people's codebases.

This also goes to show I need to keep an eye on the tickets they mark as "to fix", as it might not actually be the case they're gonna fix 'em.