Tuesday 15 October 2013

CFCamp: freebies

Just doing a bit of multi-tasking whilst listening to Rakshith discuss the new web dev training curriculum (which also apparently includes some ColdFusion stuff). But this article is nothing to do with that.

At these conferences, there's always a bunch of free stuff given away: branded coffee cups, branded t-shirts, branded USB sticks (that are usually slightly too small to be of much use). Free stuff is fine, but the stuff above doesn't really demonstrate much initiative or innovation: it's always the same old cruft. And, personally, I don't need coffee cups or branded t-shirts. [Shrug].

Not at CFCamp. Here's some photos of the freebie stuff that Mike has sorted out for us:

Pardon my shitty photography skills. So we're getting a whisk and... some sort of box to plug our phones into? No, the "whisk" is a fairly unique head massager:

I think it's quite cute, and it's definitely a conversation point!

And the "box" attached to Mike's phone there is a solar-powered USB charger! I think that's pretty cool. And, again, a bit more interesting than a USB stick or a t-shirt. Also: I've seen it in action, and it works. Although probably not today, as it's grim and raining outside. Also perhaps only useful for me in London on about five days of the year ;-)

I think Mike's done a really good job with the stocking-stuffers at CFCamp. Nice one.