Thursday 31 October 2013

Follow-up: ColdFusion support for OSX 10.9 - fixed

Very quickly... I've talked about this twice:
Pleasingly... this issue (3653076) is now marked "fixed/to test" on the bug tracker.

There's no way of knowing - although I'll try to find out - whether this is for ColdFusion 10 or just something that will go into ColdFusion 11, but it's good it's sorted out.

This has been a pretty popular and partisan issue. It's got 42 votes, which makes it one of the most-voted-for issues on the bug tracker (only beaten by "Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations" with 44 votes: also marked "to fix").

Ray has made a valid point:

Isn't this only a problem if you use the default Apache on OSX? No developer I know uses that - nor is it recommend normally.


First thing I do on a new Mac is install my own Apache. I thought everyone did. (Well, web devs anyway.) Seriously though - if this is fixable by installing your own Apache - and that is recommended (generally) - then why is this a big deal? (Although to be fair, someone from our side should have tested, noted, and wrote a blog post talking about it.)
Someone else also pointed out... there's nothing compelling you to upgrade an OS version (although Apple users seem to be mad for it!), and it's something one should probably test before committing to.

That said: I do think Adobe ought to have had support for 10.9 ready to go for when it was released, and it was a bit slack that they didn't. They need to up their game on this sort of thing in future, I think.

Still: they're on the case, so that's the "take away" from this.  Nice one Adobe. And let's stop to think that it's only be a week since the issue came up, and it's sorted. And hopefully (hopefully) rolled out soon.