Friday 25 October 2013

Adobe backtracks on no-support for ColdFusion 10 on OSX 10.9

I mentioned this the other day: 'So there won't be support for OSX 10.9 "Mavericks" on ColdFusion 10'. I just checked the bug tracker, and ticket 3653076 has now been marked "To Fix". Hopefully they mean "for ColdFusion 10" (and, realistically, they should fix it in CF9 too, as it's still a supported version of ColdFusion), not just for ColdFusion 11.

Good work to two groups of people:
  • the community, for rounding on this issue and making their voices heard. The ticket's only existed for three days, but it's got 33 votes and 20 comments. That's very active for a ColdFusion issue;
  • the Adobe ColdFusion team for seeing sense in this matter.
Yay everyone!