Thursday 10 October 2013

CFML: CFCamp seems real now

This is a bit of a time filler because the Central Line is screwed so I can't get home in time for my Skype with my boy, so need to stick around the office and do it from here. Damn you, TFL! Not to worry.

CFCamp is all of a sudden seeming very real. Mike touched base with me a coupla days ago and has organised my hotel, and EasyJet reminded me today (third time) I had to actually check-in if I wanted to fly with them on Sat. I'm still really really flattered that the CFCamp peeps are comping me to the thing.

There's been a couple of programme changes since I last mentioned what I was gonna look at.


On Sunday my mate Alex has informed me I am going to his & Dom's presentation on their CMS, Preside. And he's also said he expects me to ask them tricky questions, so that should be interesting. They're re-engineered it from being a closed-source product running on - I think - BlueDragon (not sure if it was OpenBD or BD.NET or both), to being open sourced as "Open PresideCMS" running on Railo. This is a pretty bold move for them! There's a press release about it here: "Pixl8 launches Open Source CMS project PresideCMS".

One of their bullet points for the presentation is "Presides powerful object framework, No native ORM in use here", which sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing / seeing the rationale there. I am not at all a yea-sayer for ORM, but it's definitely one of thse buzzword technologies at the moment, so it's interesting to hear someone specifically saying they're not using ORM.

9am though... just as well I won't be having too many beers the night before.


Unfortunately Andy Bellenie hasn't been able to make the conference, so his CFWheels presentation isn't running. Instead there a presentation "Responsive Web Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies" by Piotr Walczyszyn. Design is not really my gig (as evidenced by the complete lack of any attempt to do any on this blog), so I'm not personally so sure about this presentation, but it does sound interesting for the folks that do work in that area. So I dunno what I'm going to do in that slot now. Possibly write up what Gert says in the keynote, and get a blog article out quickly.

And I have a new quandary. I was gonna go see Guust give his presentation "Ready? Bootstrap! Go!", but Kev has changed his topic from unit tests - which I already know about - to "Software Craftsmanship for CFML Developers". This sounds quite soft-skill, but also sounds very interesting. Hmmm... what to do?

I was going to the "Introduction to CoffeeScript (and using CoffeeScript with CF)" presentation in he 4pm slot, but having looked a bit at CoffeeScript, I think it's a solution to a problem that doesn't actually exist, so I've cooled to that. And as it happens I'm sharing a room with Jorge Reyes from Ortus, so perhaps I'll have a look at his ContentBox presentation (there's no detail on either Jorge or his presentation on the CFCamp site, hence no links here).


Way hey... I am really looking forward to the Adobe keynote on Tuesday now. Because - if there is Q&A - I want to try to get some info out of them about this source code leak. I'm sure they'll be saying at least something about it (if they're allowed to).

And as things have been shuffled a bit (Jorge was in the last slot on Tues, but now on Mon as I mentioned above), I guess we're heading off to the bar earlier. Cool.

In General

There's been a bit of discussion on Twitter with the #cfcamp tag. This is an interesting looking one:

It looks like there's a coupla Google tablets, a Raspberry Pi and some sort of Apple-looking devices to be won.

This is another interesting one:

So... yeah... the main party night he being held at a former strip club. They assure me it's "former". Ahem. However last year Andy Allan did do his infamous pole dancing, which is something to behold. Unfortunately I hear Andy can't make it this year, so someone else is gonna have to step up. That is not me volunteering.

And Kai's recent #cfcamp update was just weird:

But that's Kai for you, I guess ;-)

So one more day of work... and then off to Germany. Cool!

If you're gonna be there: see ya soon. And if not, I'll try to blog as much as I can to keep you up to date with what's going on in my brain on the subject of CFCamp.

Righto... time to Skype this wee fella and see what mischief he's been up to today.