Thursday 11 October 2012

Typos all over the place

The quickest one ever.

If you're wondering how it is I manage to mangle such plain English sometimes, and end up using the wrong words and spelling everything wrong in some of my writing, it's because I write a lot of this stuff on my phone, and - foolishly - don't really proofread it as well as I could before pressing send.  And - bless the thing - the autocorrect on my phone has very strange ideas about what I actually mean, sometimes.

So if you're reading one of my articles and find yourself wondering why the hell I put [that word] in the middle of my sentence and what the hell I'm on about... try to think what other alternatives for that pattern of letters might have been if autocorrect was helping me out.  That might decipher things a bit.

And, yeah, I should proofread better.  Sorry about that.



PS: I'm writing this one on a normal keyboard, so any typos are simply me being crap.  And not proofreading [send].