Thursday 18 October 2012

DON'T Install the new ColdFusion Updater 3

Adobe did a good job of promoting the release of the new ColdFusion Updater 3 yesterday, but have not done such a good job of promoting the fact it's got a serious bug in it, which - really - should stop people from thinking of installing it.

The bug is that ColdFusion will erase all scheduled tasks every time it is restarted. So this will be a problem for a lot of people.

Update 4 is now out, and this fixes all the problems in update 3.  That said... I recommend standing back and waiting for other people to apply it and see how they go before you dive out and install it.  "Once bitten..." etc.

I'm just writing this blog entry in a feeble effort to try to warn people against installing this updater until the fix comes out, to stop people from potentially wasting their time.

If poss, can people pls circulate this info.  I've asked Rakshith @ Adobe to do the same.