Wednesday 3 October 2012

RSS Feed for 50-most recent ColdFusion Bugs

As per my previous article, here's the feed URL: I'll also put it in my feeds box over on the right.

Hopefully this is useful for some people.

I've done the one for the equivalent feed for ColdFusion Builder as well now:

And, hey: do you know what?  I'm in a "ColdFusion Rocks" mood after doing this.  From start to finish, it took 1.5h to knock this out, this includes at least 30min of wading through the CF docs to work out how <cffeed> works, and then how Feed.cfc approximates that.

Even though this is just 85 lines of code (see below), I think 90min from start to finish is pretty good.  And that's not any sort of recommendation about me, that's purely that ColdFusion is nice and quick to develop with.

The code, FYI:

It's a bit "first draft" sort of quality, but it works, so hey.

Anyway, there's bigger / other fish to fry.