Monday 29 October 2012


I've finally sussed out how the Twitter & Bitly APIs work, and found time to knock-together a Twitter-based ColdFusion / ColdFusion Builder bug notifier.  It polls the Adobe bugbase every coupla hours and see if there's been any new activity since its last poll, and updates its Twitter account's status with the bug headline and a link to it.  So if you want to keep track of new bugs in the bugbase, then "follow" CfmlNotifier.

This is just a more immediate way of knowing about these new bugs than relying on looking at an RSS feed (ie: the ones I link to in the box on the right).  Plus I wanted to fiddle around with the Twitter API.  Mostly that, actually.

I've still not got GIT sorted out on this PC after rebuilding it, so the code isn't available to see & criticise @ the moment, but I'll get it up there shortly.  I've had a busy few days, so my motivation and output hasn't been great recently.

I'll now be reverting to my next project which is a bug-update-email-notification-thingey-service (I'm still working on the name...). This'll be slightly more work than the RSS feed and this Twitter thingey as I actually have to build a site to manage it.  Which means continuing with my Coldbox adventures.

Oh... just a random bouquet.  Part of this work was to get a different CF10 instance up and running on this PC, and I wanted to get them both working through Apache.  This was not something I could nut-out by myself, but Rob Brooks-Bilson's article on how to do it guided me through it.  Cheers Rob.  And - again - cheers to Matt Gifford for pointing me to it.