Tuesday 2 October 2012

I'm the only person in the UK using ColdFusion 10???

Sorry for the attention-grabbing headline, but it's not a complete work of speculative fiction (although I kinda hope it is).

I've closed this survey now, and fed-back the responses in a new article.  Thanks to those who helped me out with this.

Here's an extract from an exchange I had on Twitter (hopefully Russ & Rakshith are OK with me reproducing this... it is out in the public domain after all).

Me / @daccf:
@RussMichaels any plans to offer #ColdFusion 10 @ @cfmldeveloper hosting at any stage? Just found I'd written a bunch of CF10-only code :-(

Russ Michaels / ‏@RussMichaels:

@daccf not unless Adobe decide to donate a copy as I don't have $8000, you could send an email to rakshith@adobe.com or tweet @rakshithn


@RussMichaels (@rakshithn), ah right. I thought you might get licences for free given you offer a free service to encourage the community.


@daccf that was true up till adam lehman arrived, he put a stop to that.


@RussMichaels: well hopefully @rakshithn can put that right.

Rakshith Naresh / ‏@rakshithn

@daccf @RussMichaels I will see what I can do. I have not heard anyone wanting to use CF10 over there. You are the first one Adam. 


What? I'm the only person in the UK who has expressed interest in using CF10?  Please tell me I am getting that wrong.

Quick!  Fill in this survey (which just asks where you are, which CFML version/server you're on, and how many boxes you're running).

Survey results here.

Much appreciated.