Tuesday 9 September 2014

Please indicate your irritation @ the ColdFusion Team

They've gone and done it again, as apporproately described by Adam Tuttle:

A few of us - Adam, Ray, myself - were discussing on IRC how it's a pain in the butt that the CFML of ColdFusion Administrator is encrypted. So Adam raised a ticket: "Stop Encrypting the Administrator Code" (3818547). The reason for this is that often there's glitches (or hoary great security holes) in the admin, and the best people to be finding these for Adobe are CF devs. The CF Team don't have anyone with particularly good CFML skills (judging by the CFML I've seen them expose to the public, which is very very pedestrian), so keeping the CFAdmin code under wraps is pretty much a security risk in itself.

Anyway, the ticket has just been summarily closed, without any explanation from Adobe whatsoever. Whether or not they choose to do the work is one thing. But to show such unprofessional distain for their paying clients like this is just not on. We pay your fuckin' salaries, CF Team. Show some professional courtesy (yes yes, pot/kettle. I show them as much respect as they have earned).

So, anyway, if you agree with the basis for the ticket, can you please go and vote for it. If you agree that this approach to communications has to stop, can you please consider commenting accordingly on the ticket, and also retweet this: