Monday 15 September 2014

Come on Adobe: bring Anit to CFSummit

OK ColdFusion community: time to voice your will again.

Brad started this conversation off:

And the notion needs support: currently Anit is not attending CFSummit, and that's not really on.

Anit is - by far - the most helpful member of the Adobe ColdFusion Team (ignoring for a second that's damning with faint praise... Anit really is very helpful), and he seems to be the only one with any communication skills since Rakshith seemed to stop talking to us much a few months back. (Elishia: I mean no offence; I'm specifically referring to the India-based dev team for the purposes of this).

Anyway, as Anit is the one that talks to us online and helps us out with whatever we throw at him, I think he's perhaps the most useful person on the ColdFusion Team to actually have there. He's already good with his communications, but it'd be cool for him to meet his community, put names to faces, share a war story or two etc. This is good ColdFusion PR.

Besides that: the guy deserves the chance to go on a bit of a jolly to Vegas, doesn't he?

So, anyway, if you think it'd be a good move for Adobe to get Anit in front of his community, please indicate as much in response to this Twitter message:

NB: I don't mean to ballot-stuff this idea: only encourage it if you agree.