Friday 5 September 2014

Enhancing block syntax in CFML

This is not an article per-se, but just a heads-up to go have a read of something Rory (I dunno Rory beyond his name on the forum post) has raised on the Railo Google Group: "I actually like tags in script". I think this is worth a read, and worth people putting their oar in.

And, hey, listen: even if you are a staunch ColdFusion-only person, it's worth reading and participating in the conversation, as it's a general CFML topic, and what Railo implements generally leads the way for where Adobe's CFML goes (except when Adobe balls it up, which, admittedly, is frequently). The Railo Google Group is probably the best place to discuss CFML stuff, in my opinion.

So, anyway, go have a read, a think, and put your thoughts down.

I'm still formulating my position, and when I flesh it out I'll post it both there and here. Obviously I don't agree with everything he says (esp. given its basis is in part specifically disagreeing with things I've had said in the past), but I don't disagree as much as Rory might think I do.

I'm in Ireland over the weekend, so that gives me plenty of time to think about stuff (at the Salt House, pint in hand), so I should come up with something at some stage soon.