Thursday 18 September 2014

CFScript docs now on GitHub

That CFScript documentation thing I released the other day ("Documentation for CFScript") is now on Github @ "CFScript documentation".

Currently it's a duplicate of the stuff on the blog article, but the GitHub one will be treated as the master copy from now on. I am in the process of simply embedding that back into the original article so that the article is always current. I should have that done in the next day or so.

So... if you find anything wrong with those docs... you can fix 'em yerself. Just send me a pull request.

Just an aside. A coupla people have said those docs would be better if they cross-referenced the CFScript code back to their tag equivalents. I think this is an arse-about-face way of thinking about CFScript and CFML in general. CFScript should be the primary syntax used in CFML, and tags should only be used in views. And most tags should not be used at all. I do not want to present the CFScript documentation as if it's a mapping to the tags. It should not be thought of that way.

That document serves to document CFScript. So intrinsically: tags have nothing to do with it. The exception here is in the last section where I describe the generic syntax patterns, as that's unavoidable due to Railo & Adobe's thoughtless/lazy approach to rounding out CFScript's functionality where previously there were only tag-based solutions to various bits of functionality, and their "solution" was to base the CFScript syntax directly on the existing tag syntax.

If someone else wants to create their own doc based on this one which maps tags to script and/or vice versa, go for it.