Thursday 4 September 2014

212... 0

I've been keeping an eye on how many untriaged ColdFusion bugs there are:

Time has moved on, and there's also ColdFusion 11 bugs to triage (or not triage, as was the topic of my commentary). I maintain three tracks of untriaged bug lists:

Adobe have been whittling those numbers down steadily over time. Despite our best efforts at keeping the list topped up (especially in the case of ColdFusion 11!)

But I'm pleased to say that today... for the first time since it was release... there are zero untriaged ColdFusion 11 bugs. None. Adobe have had at least a passing glance at all of them, and updated them. They're not all necessarily fixed, but at least they've paid attention to them all.

Good stuff Adobe.

Well bloody done.

There's still one CF10 bug and some CF9 bugs to look at... let's try to get them all down to zero, eh?