Tuesday 6 May 2014

SotR14: my schedule

A while ago I did an article on what I would like to go see, based on the likely sessions, but giving no thought to the schedule (which was not out at the time): Scotch on the Rocks: which sessions am I going to? (2014 version).

Now the schedule is up, so I'm able to revisit my initial thoughts and formulate a plan of attack.

Adobe RoomMura Room


Matt Gifford

Enhance Your Workflow with Grunt.js
As in my previous article... I know I need to learn about Grunt, and I just don't find time to do it. This should be a good intro.

Simon Elliston Ball

When to NoSQL and When to Know SQL
I'm not that interested in DBs, TBH. They're just a place to stick data. Shrug.

Kitt Hodsden

Automate All the Front End Things

I'm hoping our UI Team representative goes to this one (I'm looking at you, Chris...). I don't do enough front end stuff to warrant seeing this, although it sounds all right.

Kai Koenig

Digging in the Dirt for Gold? The Internals of the JVM
Kai will be looking forward to me giving him accent-coaching ;-)

Rakshith Naresh

Splendor and Secure CFML applications
Can we please stop calling it "Splendor" now? It's been released. We don't need code names.

Show & Tell

David Boyer

All Aboard the NodeJS Express
This is probably the session I most want to see at SotR.

Kev McCabe

Unit Testing Legacy Applications
Kev didn't stand a chance with this up against David's presentation. Sorry mate.

Dale Harvey

The Offline Web

Benjamin Howarth

Canopy View of Single Page Applications (SPAs)
Neither presentation in this slot are of interest to me, but I need to go to one of them. Or the bar.

Bruce Lawson, Anna Shipman, Dale Harvey, Kitt Hodsden & Phil Leggetter

"When is enough enough?"


Rob Dudley

Rocket Powered Ramp Up with Bower, Grunt & Yeoman
All tools I feel I should know something about.

Jatin Nanda

I am Chef, and Welcome to my Kitchen
But this will be a good one too, for the same reason. So need to decide: have a look at a few things; or focus on the one thing?

Bruce Lawson

Do You Dare Tour the Sausage Factory?

Phil Leggetter

Real Time Web Apps in 2014 and Beyond
This just sounds slightly more interesting than cloud stuff. Sorry Mark.

Mark Drew

Deploying to the Cloud

Anna Shipman

Automating Government

It's about provisioning kit, which I'm not terribly interested in, I'm afraid.

Thomas Parisot

Solid Grunt
More Grunt. Why not?

Corinne Krych & Fabrice Matrat

Embedded DSL: Groovy and Scala Fair Duel
This. Sounds. Cool.

Kay Smoljak

Building Single Page Web Sites the RIGHT way
Not sure which of these I'm more interested in...

Andy Clarke

Technical Debt: Is Your Code Base Approaching the Fiscal Cliff...
... but I'm erring towards this one. It's slightly more relevant to my day-to-day work.

Tuuli Aalto-Nyyssönen

How to Rock Your Planning Sessions
I think everyone from our team could benefit from going to this one.

Simon Wood

Static Sites Can Be the Solution
This'll be interesting, but not as relevant as the other track.

I'm out of lunchtime, so I need to press "send" on this.