Thursday 22 May 2014

London Railo Group: Gert's over

A very quick news announcement. There's a London Railo Group meeting next Tues (May 27), at Pixl8. Gert from Railo is going to be there, and he will be doing his "Railo 5.0 and Beyond" presentation from CF.Objective().

This was a really excellent presentation, and had me more "excited" (such as I get excited) about CFML than I have been for quite some time. Railo are really taking CFML where we developers want it to go.

Here's some comments from people at the presentation:

So if you're in or near London next Tues, and are a CFML dev (it doesn't matter if you use Railo or not, just come to check out what'll be coming in CFML), come along to Pixl8.

As well as Gert, there'll also be beer and pizza (won't there, Alex? ;-)

See ya next Tues, hopefully.