Tuesday 6 May 2014

CFML: Adobe agree to revise their stand on prefixing of list-oriented member functions

Just very quickly... you know I wrote an article the other day, "ColdFusion 11: if Adobe haven't quite sapped yer will to live yet..."? Well we got some input from community members other than just myself, and the resounding feedback was "prefix the list member functons with list".

And Rupesh posted this response today:
all right. marking it as ToFix and we will include it in the first update.
In case one has used these list methods, he/she would need to change the code.
Nice one. I guess that's two beers I owe Rupesh now. Cheers fella.

And... go the community input! See it does help if you let Adobe know what you think, rather than just sit there silently gritting yer teeth. So if you find a bug: raise it. If you think it's worth people knowing about, or if you need support making your case: let us know so we can pitch in too.

Anyway, cheers everyone involved in this: good work.