Saturday 3 May 2014

ColdFusion: Credit where it's due: cheers Rupesh

I'm pretty hard on Rupesh at times (where those times are "most of them"), but I've just being doing some back-and-forth with him on the bug tracker regarding some bugs / enhancements I'd raised in the past. And it's all been pretty positive.

I'd raised one about first-class functions a week or so ago (so way too late for anything to be done about it in ColdFusion 11): "Built-in functions as "first class" glitch in function expressions", and he's been investigating what's up, and gave me some more repro information; and I've updated with a better repro case as I was wrong about what I thought the issue was before.

Quite a while back I asked for <cfloop> to be deprecated (yes, really; but only in a certain regard): "Deprecate CFLOOP/array and try again", and I never expected any movement on that, but he's suggested a good resolution which doesn't require any deprecation nor would it cause any backwards compat issues.

When I was looking at other languages, a while ago (RubyPHP), I had a look at what other interesting operators these and other languages had, and suggested <=> for CFML: "<=>: compare operator"; they might take this up in the next release.

And I had previously suggested combining all the array-finding functions into a single function, and deprecating the existing ones: "arraySearch()". he's been giving that some thought too; basically agreeing, but being uncertain about my suggestion of deprecating the existing ones.

A few other ones I've raising in the past have simply been marked "to fix" without any further commentary:

Not only am I pleased here because the feedback has gone the way I wanted it to; I'm just pleased there's feedback and a sense of consideration going on here at all. I'm completely OK with any bug / enhancement request I raise being rejected provided there's sounds, transparent reasoning behind it (I don't even need to agree with it; I get that opinions differ)... it's the sense of collaboration and inclusiveness that's important. Of course it's even better still when the ticket gets marked "to fix".

Thanks for the good work Rupesh. Rakshith: buy that man a beer.