Wednesday 7 May 2014

For the record: Cameron vs <cfclient>

This is just cos I need some typing space.

Isaac Sunkes posted on another article:
If you try to google anything CF11 or CFCLIENT or similar looking for some useful information to help you learn new features, search results are sometimes just Mr G'day's post complaining about them.
How is that useful?
Isaac... let's google. I've googled for "cfclient". This is with an incognito window, as Chrome remembers what I tend to look at, and obviously I have been busying myself with <cfclient> recently.

The results are as follows:

  1. Adam Cameron's CFML Blog: <cfclient>
    A fairly negative first impression based on the presentation from CFSummit. Is, however, anything I say inaccurate?
  2. cfclient - ColdFusion English Documentation - Adobe
    The docs.
  3. ColdFusion 11: <cfclient>... how does normal CFML code and <cfclient> code interact?
    Me, asking a completely reasonable (and solicited by Adobe) question on the Adobe forums. Asking a question I could not find the answer to in the docs. Problem?
  4. ColdFusion mobile features are not just about cfclient, but it is necessary
    From Adobe's own ColdFusion Blog.
  5. More On CFClient
    From Adam Tuttle's blog. Generally negative, but polite about it.
  6. CFSummit2013 – Day1 and cfclient
    From Ram's blog. Ram the Adobe engineer in charge of the <cfclient> project, as far as I can tell.
  7. Do you cfclient ?
    From the Railo mailing list: someone asking if Railo will implement it. Read the thread for community opinion on this (yes, I commented: I'm part of the Railo community).
  8. Sandeep Paliwal's Blog: articles tagged as CFCLIENT
    Sandeep is on the Adobe ColdFusion team. There's a couple of informative articles about how some of its features work.
  9. Newest 'cfclient' Questions - Stack Overflow
    There's two questions, both of which were speculative rather than actual questions, and both have been closed as inappropriate. I had a hand in closing both of them, but that was because they were... well... not appropriate for Stack Overflow.
  10. CFClient | An Oracle Guy's ColdFusion
    Someone else's blog index, linking to the one article they have posted on <cfclient>. It's supportive.

    We are below the fold now
  11. Adam Tuttle's Twitter status update
    "CFClient goes directly against what @benforta was preaching: ColdFusion is not *the* solution. Learn JS, don't cross-compile! #cfsummit2013"
  12. Show #211: Troll's Play, Will Target Pay, CFClient OK and the Fox Runs Away
    CFHour, in which they (or I think it's just Dave) speak positively about <cfclient>
  13. [not relevant]
  14. [not relevant]
  15. [not relevant]
  16. cfclient CFML Documentation -
    Third-party CFML documentation link back to the docs for <cfclient>
  17. [not relevant]
  18. [not relevant]
  19. [not relevant]
  20. [not relevant]
The next match that's anything to do with me is down at 28, which is someone reproducing my blog article "ColdFusion 11: what <cfclient> compiles down to". Which simply presents a not-very-good picture of how <cfclient> works.

But in the top 20 (and who the hell ever looks at any google results beyond the first page or so?), yeah, there's two pages I wrote. Neither are glowing. But is anything I say incorrect or misleading?

No-one else in the community is observing "hey, you've got that one wrong, Cameron" (on a coupla technical details that needed documentation clarification, sure, but not the meat and bones of what I've been saying). Also, it's telling what other people have been saying about it, which is basically: f***-all.

Let's look at Ray Camden's blog, formerly one of the biggest champions of ColdFusion, and still one of its more significant community presences. I used Google to search his site thus: ' cfclient -"cf client"'. Nothing specifically about <cfclient>. He's simply not talking about it, other than tangentially. How about Ben Nadel's blog: ' cfclient -"cf client"'. Even less. Ben Forta's? ' cfclient -"cf client"': not a single reference to it. I dunno who else counts as a CF blogger these days. But I think this demonstrates that one reason you might be seeing a lot of stuff about <cfclient> from me is simply that - other than Adobe ColdFusion Team members - I'm the only one who's really talking about it at all. Why my negative commentary of it sticks out is that there's no positive commentary for my stuff to get lost amidst.

So if you want to know about <cfclient>... doesn't that kinda tell you what you need to know?