Monday 30 September 2013

I owe Adobe an apology, so here it is

I've added this to the article in question, but I am also gonna post it separately as a testament to my stupidity, and to basically apply some scorn to myself.

Updates to a blog article now titled "Adobe possiblynot messing with ColdFusion community projects again":

Stop Press

(although, like, that can only be done before something gets published, I guess ;-)
There's a chance this is down to an IP address change on Adobe's end, and a DNS caching issue on my end. Stay tuned...

...Stop the press, take to it with a sledgehammer, throw press away

Well I owe Adobe an apology! It was indeed mostly an IP address chance at their end, and DNS caching on my end. Once I got the server restarted (with some config changes), the DNS issue is solved, and I can reach Adobe again. They have changed their bugbase JSON responses slightly so I need to rejig my end of things, but that's nae bother and I should have it sorted out tomorrow.

I really did leap to judge too soon here, and I feel a bit daft for having done so. I'm all for applying derision to a situation, but I do actually think it should have a foundation, and it doesn't in this case.

Apologies, Adobe.

I'm gonna leave the rest of the article here as a monument to my stupidity.

Yeah, so I leapt to judge a bit quickly there. Sorry 'bout that.

Cheers to Ray, Sharon and Russ for helping me sort this out.