Thursday 12 September 2013

CFCamp 2013

Yesterday Michael Hnat, organiser of CFCamp dropped me a line, and made me an offer I could not refuse...

I'd spoken to him a while ago, and indicated whilst I'd like to go to CFCamp, the realities of my life (I have a fairly "awkward" domestic situation which I am happy to discuss over beer, but not so much on this blog) I don't have a great deal of money to throw around the place (cue overly melodramatic sentimental violins etc, yeah yeah). So I simply can't afford it. Which is a shame, as it looks like a great conference, and would give me a chance to catch up with a lot of people I mostly talk to online. But it wasn't to be.

Anyway, Mike said that having talked it over with the sponsors, they're prepared to help me out with the £££ side of things and... well: I'm off to CFCamp. How cool is that? And, seriously, how cool are Mike and the sponsors? I was absolutely speechless / gobsmacked at his offer when he made it yesterday. Can you imagine me being speechless? No, doesn't happen very often.

I'll be flying in with Alex Skinner and the mob from Pixl8 on the Saturday evening before the conference, and will be there until Weds afternoon.

I've not even had a chance to look at the schedule yet, but as I do, I'll write up what I fancy going to see and why. But for starters, Mike's given me some facts 'n' figures regarding the gig.

Facts about CFCamp:
  • at CFCamp 2012 there were around 150 attendees.
  • The venue has about 900m2 space for the attendees...
  • addition more than 300m2 for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • At the 2013 conference they have 26 sessions in two tracks over two days, and the schedule is really awesome!
  • There's a pre-conference programme the day before.
  • There was an awesome party!! (ask Andy Allan about pole-dancing...).
  • Mike says there's really cool presents for attendees (no mug, no t-shirt)... this piques my interest...
  • The sponsors are great, with people who can answer all type of questions (Mura, Railo, Intergral, Adobe, etc.)
I'm gonna start looking at the schedule after work this evening, and having a look at what sessions look promising (well: I'm sure they all are, but I can only go to one at a time, so need to make some decisions).

I'm really looking forward to the conference, heading over to Germany (haven't been there for a few years, and haven't been to Bavaria since 1997), and catching up with everyone for a pintMaß.

Who's gonna be there?