Tuesday 17 September 2013

ColdFusion: Adobe have only gone and done it again! (but in a good way)

A great tract of "status update" messages came through @cfBugNotifier this afternoon, and Adobe are now down to 138 untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs. That's down another 20-odd from a coupla weeks back when they had a big run and knocked it back from 200-odd down to 160-odd. This is definitely good process.

What's good in this tranche? There's a bunch of stuff relating to REST services, and some image-processing odds 'n' sods. Neither immediately affect me, but some sound like good fixes to get sorted out. The only ones that do affect me directly, are these two:

Not very exciting for me, but if I'm pleased about these two, other people will be quietly chuffed about another couple, someone else relieved that one of their pet hates is being dealt with, etc. It's all good work.

Also in this lot, all the responses from Adobe seem good. There were a coupla comments asking people for assistance... I hope Adobe realise they also need to contact the person separately as the bug tracker doesn't send out notifications to people! But on the whole the comments were helpful and the status-changes all positive.

And I'm pleased that there really does seem to be some effort into fixing bugs for ColdFusion 11. I might go on about outstanding bugs a lot, but it's also important to remember that Adobe fix a lot of stuff in every ColdFusion release.

I'm looking forward to a CF11 beta to go public so I can check to verify these things have been fixed.

That was it... I've nothing else to add, and I've got a Skype call with my boy to prep for.