Friday 11 September 2015


I was wrong to call-out Rupesh about being dishonest yesterday, in the context of this ticket on the bug tracker: "Closures cannot be declared outside of cfscript". I wrote the the article "ColdFusion Team: further erosion of trust" which expressed my derision at my then perception that Rupesh was acting deceitfully.

Both Rupesh and Peter Boughton have furnished evidence to demonstrate I was mistaken, and given that, my reaction to the situation was poor, and out of line.

Rupesh dug out the issue's audit trail showing it had been marked as "Open / To Fix" for quite some time:

And Peter did what I should have done initially, and dug out the Google cache of the page, the relevant detail of which is:

That demonstrates that on 6 Aug 2015, the ticket was marked "To Fix".

I'm not going to dispute that evidence, but I'm buggered if I understand it. I do not understand how I'd be motivated to chase up a ticket which didn't need chasing?! But it seems I did. And I reacted poorly when this was pointed out to me.

This is not the place for me to comment on why my conclusion about Rupesh's feedback was what it was, I was just out of line to jump on him like that.

In the comments of that first article, Rupesh asked "[...] I expect an unconditional public apology from you on this!", and fair enough.

Rupesh I was clearly wrong in my assessment of your actions and motivations for same. It was very bad form of me to not research the situation (as Peter did) first, and my way of dealing with it was outright wrong.

Rupesh also asked me to take the article down, but I'm not going to do that. I am however going to update it and make it clear that I was wrong, and point readers to this article for clarification. I want it to stand as an indictment of myself, so that people know how I can over react, and do the wrong thing.

I am genuinely completely bemused as to how I misread the status of that ticket, but that doesn't really matter here. I am not particularly enamoured with myself today.