Sunday 13 September 2015

The Adobe ColdFusion Team loses a good 'un

I was a bit let down to read this yesterday:

It seems like long-standing ColdFusion Team member Hemant is moving on to new things. Firstly: congratulations to Hemant on the new gig. You've been at Adobe for ages, so it must be a big thing to move on!

For my part: I've been interacting with Hemant regarding ColdFusion for a bloody long time. He was always a key participant in the ColdFusion pre-releases, and always had an indefatigable approach to dealing with his clients in a professional and collaborative manner.

Recently his participation has been less obvious, and I had wondered if he was still around; perhaps his role had changed, or perhaps victim of some policy team management have adopted to stop team members from engaging with the public (except, obviously, for Anit)

I always had the impression Hemant knew what he was on about, understood ColdFusion, and also understood to a better degree than most of his colleagues the motivations and needs of the ColdFusion community.

Hoepfully Adobe will find someone suitable to fill Hemant's shoes, and they step up to keep ColdFusion fresh, and perhaps also put additional efforts in to add a new communications channel (over and above Anit) back to the ColdFusion Team.

I look foward to Adobe's introduction of his replacement.

Best of luck, Hemant. It's been good working with you on the occasions we've interacted.