Friday 25 September 2015

ColdFusion docs site: update and question

I've received official word from Adobe as to the fate of the ColdFusion wiki (see yesterday's article "Is the ColdFusion community about to lose the ability to update the docs?"). What do you make of this?

Dear Adam,

Two years ago, we together made a decision to move ColdFusion documentation to a wiki model so that we can open the documentation up to chosen ColdFusion experts to improve and add value to the content. Today, we are at a juncture, where in, we have to move away from the wiki model temporarily due to multiple issues. From starting next Monday, 28 Sep 2015, ColdFusion documentation will go live at We will share with you the link to ColdFusion documentation when it goes live.

Meanwhile, we would like to not miss out on the value add you have been doing to ColdFusion documentation. Hence, we are setting up a DL (DL-CHL-CF) to which we will be happy to receive any information you deem right to be included in the ColdFusion documentation.

Thank you for supporting us,
ColdFusion documentation team.

So there we go. That sux. I am interested to know why they're moving away from the wiki model temporarily. And what sort of units of time this temporary state of affairs ought be be measured in.

More importantly, can anyone explain to me what the hell this means: "we are setting up a DL (DL-CHL-CF)". What the hell does that sequence of words mean? And is it reasonable to think I might already know what a DL is (especially a DL-CHL-CF one, as opposed to some other sort of one)?

I think the ColdFusion community is about to lose a great resource.

And I'll let you know when I find out what at DL is. A -CHL-CF one, at that.


Here goes, I got a reply from Adobe on this:

DL is a mail distribution list. It’s a mailing alias (we will communicate to you as soon as it is set up) in which the CF documentation team members will be available,

I'm not sure how anyone expected anyone to infer "DL" meant "a mailing list", but then again Adobe aren't exactly known for clarity or thoughtfulness of communications.

I have, btw, opted out of participation in their mailing list.