Friday 11 September 2015

ColdFusion: getting the audit trail exposed on the bug tracker

Just quickly. Obviously I've fallen foul of the Adobe bug tracker in the last coupla days... mostly due to my dim wits, but not helped by the fact it doesn't present information as thoroughly as it could.

Aaron Neff has had the presence of mind to raise a ticket to get the audit trail exposed on the UI, which I think would help a lot with the clarify of what's going on, and also better expose the activity taking place on issues we're interested in.

The issue is "[ANeff] ER for: Display audit trail on tickets" (4054727). It's already been marked as "To Fix", but I'm sure we could get action on it more quickly if we got some more votes & observations added to it from as many people in the ColdFusion community as possible.

Can I urge you to go have a vote.