Wednesday 24 July 2013

Two incidents of Adobe support that I noticed today

Here's a dichotomy.

Adam Tuttle (inadvertently a double-mention today) raised a query today with Adobe, via Twitter. Here's how it panned out:

There you go. He'd had an issue with Creative Cloud, and Adobe were listening and helping within a few hours of him raising his question. On Twitter.

Here's the results of another instance of Adobe support today. This time, not for the golden child that is Creative Cloud, but the ginger step-child that is ColdFusion. An abridged (for length, not relevance / meaning) version of the thread is as follows:

I've been rigorously searching the website and it appears that there is no place to download a full working version of ColdFusion 10.  Any one?

seedingideas (follow-up to self):
Here is what Adobe told me when I asked for a download link:

Scarlett: Sorry to tell you that we can only help to those who have purchased or registered the software under Adobe.

What a joke.

So via Twitter, my namesake got personalised support. Via Adobe's own support forums, seedingideas got someone who seems to be typing from a script, whilst apparently having no idea about what the hell they're talking about.

I was going to go for the cheap shot in this post and also list the 195 (yes, down from 212) ColdFusion 10 bugs that no-one at Adobe has seen fit to even triage (let-alone comment on or offer help with), but that's too obvious (but... umm... list here), which date back over the last two years. But that's a slightly different kettle of fish.

I think Adam Tuttle and seedingideas's questions and follow-up experiences are more within the same realms of expectation management.

Make of that what you will.