Thursday 25 July 2013

CFML implementation of Array.reduce()

I've knocked out a quick arrayReduce() UDF, which I'll post on CFLib once I get some code review feedback (if any) on it. I'd appreciate sets of eyes on it, if you had time.

Adam Tuttle (only one mention today mate, sorry) offered some advice on Code Review, which I have taken onboard. This is the second iteration of the function. I have also updated the entry on Code Review too.

For the sake of completeness, here's the code, but pls feed-back on the Code Review page, as per link above:

* @hint CFML implementation of Array.reduce(), similar to Javascript's one ref
* @array Array to reduce
* @callback Callback function to use to reduce. Will receive the following arguments: element (of current iteration of the all), index, array, (optional) result (of preceeding call to callback())
* @initialValue The initial value to use to start the reduction
any function arrayReduce(required array array, required any callback, any initialValue){
    var startIdx = 1;
    if (!structKeyExists(arguments, "initialValue")){
        if (arrayLen(array) > 0){
            var result = callback(array[1], 1, array);
            startIdx = 2;
        var result = initialValue;
    for (var i=startIdx; i <= arrayLen(array); i++){
        result = callback(array[i], i, array, result);
    return result;

If created a Gist with full(-ish) unit test coverage, too.