Tuesday 2 July 2013

Adobe ColdFusion bug tracker: sigh

 (Warning: this is just a frustrated grumble, and has little merit beyond allowing me to stomp my foot like a petulant school child).

As mentioned in my previous article, "I've raised four bugs, but unfortunately I cannot share the details with you because I raised them as "security issue", so I don't get given the bug number."... all I get is a note "Thank you for submitting a bug. Due to security concerns, this bug will not be externally viewable."

This plumbs new depths of "Adobe really just don't think shit through".

I can understand how they ought to not publicise these tickets to other people, but sure I should be able to see the tickets I raised (I do, after all, intrinsically already know about them), and see any status changes or further information on them? Or if I find more information about the issue... how do I add it to the ticket?

I don't think this is some stunning functional revelation I'm coming up with here that would not have occurred to anyone ever, and I'm only employing the benefit of hindsight in realising this?

No, it's just that Adobe really ought not be in the business of writing bug trackers. Damn... if only there were already proven and thorough off-the-shelf solutions out there.  Oh... wait... there is!

Never re-invent the wheel if you've never seen a wheel before and don't know what they're used for.



(NB: I have used that image without consideration of copyright. I will contact the person concerned to verify they don't mind)