Monday 8 July 2013

Quick note: CFLib now accepting ColdFusion-10-specific UDFs

This should possibly have happened a while back, but I suspect no-one's mentioned it until recently, so nothing was done about it.

When one submits a UDF to CFLib, one needs to specify which ColdFusion version it is for. It was possibly a bit of an oversight that until now "ColdFusion 10" was not on the selection list. It is now, and CFLib has had it's first submission (and approval) of a ColdFusion-10-specific UDF, from James Moberg: isImageCMYK().

There's a bunch of interesting stuff ColdFusion 10 can do with function-expressions, callbacks and closures, so perhaps you have a treasure trove of ColdFusion 10 stuff sitting on your hard drive that the community could benefit from? If so, please consider submitting it to CFLib. Cheers.

I'll have a poke around and see if I do. Although I've not done anything "production ready" on ColdFusion 10 yet.