Wednesday 28 November 2012

ColdFusion 10 hosting, anyone?

In the course of doing this blog and writing example code for it, or knocking together small applications to help myself and possibly other people, I need a small amount of code to be hosted in a public-facing environment.  Examples of this are the ColdFusion (and ColdFusion Builder) Bugs RSS feeds, my experimental easier-to-use search UI for the Adobe bug tracker, and the Twitter bug notifier thingey. These all run fine on CF9, but there's a few things I want to try which require CF10 (mostly stuff I want to experiment with, like web sockets).

My stuff is currently hosted with CFMLDeveloper, which offers a good free hosting service for developers to test stuff out on. However on the ColdFusion side of things, they only run to ColdFusion 9. This is down to licensing / upgrade costs. The situation is summarised on this blog article I wrote earlier about how much ColdFusion 10 there is in the UK.

(Aside: CFMLDeveloper also offer Railo as a hosting solution).

So if I want ColdFusion 10 hosting, I need to look elsewhere.

I did a google for "ColdFusion 10 hosting", and the first link was one back to Adobe. This seemed promising. Working my way down the list:
  • Edge Web Hosting: does ColdFusion 10, but not for free.
  • Media 3. Ditto: they do do CF10, but no free option.
  • Ayera Technologies. Same.
  • CrystalTech. The initial link on the CrystalTech website goes through to some other outfit called "NewTek" (who operate out of the domain, but they don't have a free option either.
  • HostMySite. has a nice endorement from Ben Forta, but still want me to pay them.
  • CFDynamics. Same.
  • Alentus. Don't seem to offer ColdFusion, let alone CF10. Well if they do, they do not promote it.
  • Hostek. Do offer ColdFusion 10, and whilst not free, they have a $5/month plan (that's about three quid), which I could probably stretch to.
 Looking at the European offerings, Adobe lists the following:
  • Centinated Hosting Services. The ColdFusion link on their site is broken.
  • FlintHosts. Offer ColdFusion but don't say what version. And no free/cheap option.
  • HostWay. Promote ColdFusion 9, without mentioning ColdFusion 10.
  • NetMasters. The link goes to an unregistered domain. Nice.
And a coupla Asian options:
  • Heteml: I cannot read their site well enough to navigate it. those five years of doing Japanese at school were clearly a waste of time.
  • Futurism: promotes CF8 and CFMX7! Quite ironic, given the company name.
 OK, so obviously these are all commercial operations, so it's no surprise they don't offer free hosting.

It's a real pity Adobe stopped supporting CFMLDeveloper, because that could have really helped the uptake of ColdFusion 10 usage. It certainly prevents me from working with it and publicising it.

However I thought I'd throw the question out there... does anyone know of any free ColdFusion 10 hosting out there? I'm not after anything flash, just the sort of entry-level package that CFMLDeveloper offers.

 If all else fails, I'll think about talking to Hostek.

Any thoughts?