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Friday 16 December 2016

cf(it's a~)

I received some excellent news from Russ Michaels this morning: is now back, thanks to hostek who donated me a server for cflive and cfmldeveloper, which will also be back soon.

Cool! I missed It might not be as shiny and fully-featured as, but it has the one benefit of just getting on with it. It saves yer code and runs it. monkeys with both the code and the output thereof, which I've never liked, and never felt was that reliable for anything other than superficial demonstrations. I have always felt happy testing issues on, whereas I find to be a bit of an "unreliable narrator".

The one feature I wish would pinch from is the ability to save code with a shareable link.

Anyway... Both services are valuable - almost indispensable - resources for the CFML community, and I'm glad is back.

Good stuff, Russ; and thanks, Hostek, on behalf of the CFML community.



Friday 23 September 2016

This is disappointing. was an online CFML runner which I used to use a lot to test small bits of code when I did not have a CFML server handy. Or couldn't be arsed starting one and saving code to a file etc.

I noticed that the Lucee server it ran was down the other day, and asked Russ about it, and he said it'd likely be down for a while. Today I notice the site is gone completely, replaced with:

[...] I am sorry to report, that Host Partners, who hosted CFDeveloper and CFLive have gone out of business, and as a result both sites will now be offline until further notice. [...]
Oh dear.

I know there's but it's a bit quirky in how it runs its CFML and I always preferred I also know there's commandbox, which is cool but not quite as convenient as

Oh well. Thanks for providing the service whilst it lasted, Russ. I got a lot of benefit out of it, and indirectly so did a lot of other people who read my witterings on this blog.

Thanks for your selfless contribution to the CFML community.

In related news, I think there are some old articles on this blog that AJAXed calls off to cfmldeveloper and displayed the results. Obviously those AJAX calls will be broken now too. I dunno which articles they were, and there were only a few, so cannot be arsed finding them and repairing them. If you come across any which seem broken, lemme know and I'll decide if I feel like handling it in a different way.



Wednesday 26 August 2015

CFML: ways to help or be helped with ColdFusion and Lucee

This article has been inspired by "reports of the death of the House of Fusion CFML forums are not greatly exaggerated". I dunno of anyone has been able to reach whoever represented the human manifestation of HoF, or just the continued radio-silence has been inferred as demise.

Russ from CFMLDeveloper has started a new Google Group to fill the void left by HoF disappearing:

And, indeed here they are @!forum/cfmldeveloper:

Dom Watson also quickly reminded people that there's the #CFML Slack channel too:

If I was being uncharitable, I'd observe that Dom's choice of words there might sound a bit dismissive of Russ's efforts, for some reason. But I'd never be uncharitable.

Saturday 5 April 2014

I am one step closer to being unshackled from ColdFusion

Note that that is ColdFusion, not CFML. I'm still onboard with CFML, and that's not likely to change in the mid-term. Today I switched all my hosted code from ColdFusion to Railo. So now my only connection to the Adobe product is my day job.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Outage on CfmlNotifier

I actually meant to post this when it actually happened: yesterday or the day before yesterday whenever it was. It's been a busy week. Anyway, there was an outage on the CfmlNotifier feed. It's now resolve.

Thursday 10 October 2013 gets a code editor

I'm just wading through the overnight Tw@tter Chatter, and noticed this from Russ:

Sunday 29 September 2013

ColdFusion / JVM and DNS caching: maybe Adobe aren't out to get me after all!

Well here's something I didn't know. Depending on how your ColdFusion server is configured, DNS look-ups it does might be cached "forever" (read: for the life of the JVM).

Ray followed up my earlier post about "Adobe possibly messing with ColdFusion community projects again", pointing this out in a comment:

Anyway - don't forget that CF has that bug where it caches DNS lookups. Maybe the IP changed, and your host CF install is holding on to the wrong IP. That could be why it worked just fine on your local machine and Sharon's.

Try using the IP on the host. Of course, if they have multiple servers on the box it won't resolve to the right virtual server, but you would get a response right away.
My response to Ray (and the next two paras are a re-edit of my reply to him) was that I didn't know that! We learn something every day.

Thursday 9 May 2013

We interrupt this service...

Well actually: no, it's not "we" who have interrupted any service.

However I'm afraid to say a few small community-oriented services I run are currently down.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Follow-up to "Quick Code Puzzle" article

I'm a bit disappointed that I only got three responses to my code puzzle the other day, but so be it. At least Matt, Dale and Winston will get a beer next time I see them. Thanks guys: I really do appreciate you taking the time to join in.

Bruce: cheers for your response, but you didn't actually post a solution, so you weren't in the running for a beer!

To recap, the problem was to write this function:

boolean function isWithinWebroot(required string fileSystemPath){
    // provide code here

Wednesday 28 November 2012

ColdFusion 10 hosting, anyone?

In the course of doing this blog and writing example code for it, or knocking together small applications to help myself and possibly other people, I need a small amount of code to be hosted in a public-facing environment.  Examples of this are the ColdFusion (and ColdFusion Builder) Bugs RSS feeds, my experimental easier-to-use search UI for the Adobe bug tracker, and the Twitter bug notifier thingey. These all run fine on CF9, but there's a few things I want to try which require CF10 (mostly stuff I want to experiment with, like web sockets).