Tuesday 20 November 2012

Update to this blog's communication policy

This blog has a communications policy, a link to which is always over on the right-hand-side there.

I've just added this to it:

I'm fed-up with inane "my favourite platform is better than your favourite platform" comments being posted against articles that have nothing to do with the comparison of various CFML platforms. In fact even when the article is actually about such comparisons, such comments are completely insightless, so just not worth making.  If you post stuff like that, you're a f*ckwit.  And I will delete the comment. So don't bother.

Says it all really: don't be a f*ckwit. I don't have patience for it.  You are also an embarrassment to the "faction" of the CFML community you claim to be supporting. And you're just being divisive when we really don't need this. And: grow the hell up. Clear?

As always, I welcome sensible comment on any topic, but if it relates to the topic of the article you're posting against, so much the better.

If you have some thoughts as to why your platform is better than someone else's platform, and back it up with sensible and insightful analysis - and if it's not just trotting out stuff we already know - and you would like a platform to discuss this, flick it through to me and I can publish as a "guess contributor" article.