Thursday 15 November 2012

Nudge: CFScript enhancements in ColdFusion 11 survey

This is just a brief nudge. A coupla weeks back I wrote an article asking where any focus on improving CFScript's coverage of CFML tags should be applied for ColdFusion 11, and this contained a survey to gauge what people thought were important omissions, or what they thought was unecessary in CFScript.
This survey is now complete. The results can be found here.

Currently only around 50% of the functionality provided for by tags have an equivalent that can be used in CFScript. A lot of those are UI-specific things that really are just fine as tags-only and one would not sensibly want to use in CFScript instead (eg: <cflayoutarea>), but there's still a lot that aren't like that, and there's a good case for them to be usable in CFScript - eg: all the stuff revolving around searching: <cfcollection>, <cfindex>, <cfsearch>.

When I wrote that article there were a few significant things going on where most of my readership lives: Hurricane Sandy, and the US Election. I noticed a sharp drop off of readership over that period (even allowing for the ebb and flow based on article-content), so I think people had better things to do than worry about CFScript - entirely fair enough, and exactly as I would expect! I've only had 20 responses on the survey yet, which is very low traffic even for me (this blog averages about 100 readers a day, so I've got a full time job keeping the cobwebs, tumbleweed and crickets at bay ;-).  Hopefully as things have started to return to normal, if I mention the article and the survey again, I can capture more people's thoughts on the subject.

So if you have a spare moment and haven't done so already, if I could ask you to hit this survey and click some radio buttons, that'd be really helpful.

As is my wont, once I get a reasonable number of responses (I'm hoping for 50, so I have a long way to go!), I'll report back on the results, and pass them on to Adobe in case it's helpful for them to identify what the community wants as far as CFScript enhancements go.

Thanks for your help.