Friday 16 December 2016

cf(it's a~)

I received some excellent news from Russ Michaels this morning: is now back, thanks to hostek who donated me a server for cflive and cfmldeveloper, which will also be back soon.

Cool! I missed It might not be as shiny and fully-featured as, but it has the one benefit of just getting on with it. It saves yer code and runs it. monkeys with both the code and the output thereof, which I've never liked, and never felt was that reliable for anything other than superficial demonstrations. I have always felt happy testing issues on, whereas I find to be a bit of an "unreliable narrator".

The one feature I wish would pinch from is the ability to save code with a shareable link.

Anyway... Both services are valuable - almost indispensable - resources for the CFML community, and I'm glad is back.

Good stuff, Russ; and thanks, Hostek, on behalf of the CFML community.