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Monday 27 October 2014

FFS, Adobe. Stop being such bloody amateurs

Now this irks me (in case you had not noticed).

Here's a couple new bugs that have gone into the Adobe ColdFusion Bug Tracker:

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Monday 12 May 2014

ColdFusion Builder 3.0 installation fail..?

Twitter won't let me send this image for some reason, so I'll post it here.

I'm trying to install ColdFusion Builder 3.0 on my Win 8.1 (64-bit) laptop. I've just D/Led the current (Kepler) Eclipse 4.3.2 64-bit installation, and that runs fine.

Having tried to install CFB as a plug-in to that, it installs fine and says "yeah good" at the end, but when it then goes to start Eclipse, I get this error:

Anyone know what gives?

I googled about, and there's not much about this, but generally it's people using a 32-bit JVM when they should be using a 64-bit one. Eclipse itself picks up my JAVA_HOME value fine, which points to a 64-bit JVM. So I don't think that's it.

I really don't want to waste any more time than is really necessary on this as all I'm installing CFB for is in prep for Simon's <cfclient> prezzo @ CF.Objective(). I thought I might actually do a "G'day World" exercise with it first. But I have no interest in CFB beyond that.

Anyone encountered this, and know what the story is? I'd google more thoroughly, but I'm on a shonky free wifi connection @ LHR, and have a bunch of more important things to do.

Am just hoping someone's had this and knows what the story is. Do not do any special investigation for me if you don't automatically know. I can look it up later on when I have a better connection and more time, if push comes to shove.

Cheers all.


Friday 8 November 2013

ColdFusion Builder comes to Linux

Real quick... this morning Matt Gifford blogged "ColdFusion Builder Linux Support", observing:

Many developers have been asking for ColdFusion Builder support for Linux for a long time, [...]

Initially reported in 2011, “ColdFusion Builder 2 Won’t Run Under Linux” (bug #2832512 ) has been commented on by a fair number of people (24 is a fair number in my book), but sadly the ticket has been closed and the reason marked as “not enough time”. Say what?

Friday 13 September 2013

Tuesday 16 April 2013

PHP: I've done some basic tutorials

First of all I am very hungover today, and looking at the screen hurts so I am not going to vouch for the quality of this article. Or, indeed, whether it'll even see the light of day.

Straight after doing my PHP install & "Hello World" exercise the other day, I went to the Codeacademy site and worked through their PHP exercises. They were all pretty easy, but were a good reintroduction to PHP. I distilled a coupla things along the way, which I'll observe here. Just a note: this will be of no interest to anyone who already knows PHP, as it's really superficial stuff. I don't know enough about PHP yet to be interesting about it.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Running ColdFusion Builder as a plug-in on 64-bit Eclipse is faster than CFB standalone

Actually the title pretty much sums-up this article. But you know me: I'll pad it out to be a few hundred words at least ;-)

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Your IDE of choice: survey results

I almost forgot about this one, what with all the flurry about what framework I should use, and trying to actually make some headway with it.

But there was that last survey I solicited: what IDE do y'all use.

So I've closed that one off now, and here are the results.  Cheers to the 73 people who responded to that.  That's the best participation I have had so far (which is good that it's the best response; not so good that the best response I can garner is 73 people! Not to worry: I'm not here to win any popularity contests ;-).

Friday 5 October 2012

What CFML IDE do you use?

This article / question was prompted by a few things. I've been using CF Builder since before it was first released (one of the benefits of bring on the Pre-release Programme), but have had a mixed experience with it, so I'm always questioning its merits, and listening to what other people have to say about it.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

RSS Feed for 50-most recent ColdFusion Bugs

As per my previous article, here's the feed URL: I'll also put it in my feeds box over on the right.

Hopefully this is useful for some people.

I've done the one for the equivalent feed for ColdFusion Builder as well now:

ColdFusion (/Builder) most recent bugs feed

For all intents and purposes, the Adobe bug tracker is one-way traffic: one raises a bug... and that's likely to be the last interaction one has with Abode on the topic of that bug. That's not to say that Adobe don't address the bug in some way shape or form, but the humans at Adobe often don't feed back on the bug tracker in a very helpful fashion, and even if they do: there's no notification system, so one pretty much needs to come back on a regular basis to check if there's been any updates to a ticket. This is made slightly unfeasible because Adobe's reaction time to most issues is absolutely glacial compared to the likes of Railo. So checking on a regular basis is generally a fool's errand.

Monday 3 September 2012

Search-friendly UI for the Adobe ColdFusion bug tracker

It's one thing having a bleat about how dismal a UX the official ColdFusion bug tracker is, it's another thing to do something about it. I've raised all the shortfalls I've found with Adobe (the bug tracker can be used to raise bugs about itself), but given how slow to react Adobe are to deal with issues with their products that they actually care about, I don't hold out much hope that they'll do any maintenance work on the bug tracker itself.

So, anyway, I've had a complete gutsful of trying to use the thing - I use it a lot in the course of researching stuff for this blog, as well in my day to day work - so I've decided to write my own search UI for it. This was inspired by Elliott Sprehn's efforts to do the same with the old bug tracker.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

The ColdFusion issue tracker

This is just a filler post that I can write this morning on my way to work and finish of before 9am. I started doing part three of my series of articles on CF arrays, but realised I needed CF10 to do the code, and we've only got CF9 on our work PCs. So I'll have to do that one at home.

So, anyway, for most of the life of ColdFusion, neither Allaire nor Macromedia provided a public-facing issue tracker for ColdFusion. I had only just started with CF when it was an Allaire product, and never really had need to investigate bugs (it was safe to assume any bugs that cropped-up were in my own code, not theirs. This is actually generally still the case  ;-). By the time I actually knew what I was doing and knew a CF bug when I saw it all I had by way of communicating this to Macromedia was the "black hole". Or as they'd prefer to call it: the "wish list". This was a simple form that allowed one to enter in a bug or an enhancement request, submit it, and that's the last you'd hear of it. Not an encouraging user experience.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Obligatory ColdFusion Roadmap article

Like the vapid echo-chamber that it is, Twitter had been resounding with content-nil repetition of people restating what Adobe announced overnight: a public-facing roadmap for the direction of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder.

I struggle to communicate anything of merit in 140 characters (so... much the same as anyone else then  ;-), so I'll write about it here instead.

First up: heres a link to the official blog post, linked from which is the roadmap PDF.