Friday 5 October 2012

What CFML IDE do you use?

This article / question was prompted by a few things. I've been using CF Builder since before it was first released (one of the benefits of bring on the Pre-release Programme), but have had a mixed experience with it, so I'm always questioning its merits, and listening to what other people have to say about it.

This week I've read about a few people expressing derision at it, and in one case chucking it in completely and moving to another text editor entirely. Personally I'm in a perpetual state of derision with it, and always have CFEclipse on stand-by lest I get to the point of wanting to chuck CFB out the window in despair (which would - necessarily - involve me breaking my PC in the process, which I'd like to avoid).

Also last week I listened to an excellent podcast from Mark Mandel and Kai Koenig, with guest Kirill Safonov, who's one of the bods from IntelliJ, specifically working on the CFML plug-in for it. I have to say I'm tempted.  This is not a recent podcast from, but I've only just found out they exist, so am working through their back catalogue.

The one challenge here is that I'm not the decision-maker at work as to what software we use in or development environment, so I have the choice of CFEclipse or CFB. I could try it out at home I guess, but I'm of a mixed opinion about using two different environments. Plus CFB hasn't really pissed me off since 2.0.1 came out (IMO 2.0.1 is the first release that was production-ready, and even then: only just), so it's not been in my cross-hairs recently.  I'd only be swearing at it half a dozen times a day, rather than half a dozen times an hour, like I did with previous versions (indeed I did not use CFB 2.0 at all, because it was such a negative influence on my ability to work; I used CFEclipse instead).

Anyway, on the train this morning, I'd like to know a coupla things:
  1. What everyone else is doing to write their CFML code;
  2. if they don't use CFB, why not?
So, predictably for me, I have a survey (this is not closed, but here are the results).   It's only three questions (and two of them are those ones above), so it's a quick one.  I'd appreciate everyone's input.

On the top of surveys, I'm still short of 50 responses on the one about CF10 usage.  I worded the initial request in a way that might have made it seem UK-centric, and this has been borne out by the demographics of the respondents (mostly from the UK, which is not representative of my readership), but it really is a general survey and I'd like your response irrespective of where you're from.

Cheers for helping out.