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Saturday 26 October 2013

Unit Testing / TDD - why you shouldn't bother

Here's the second in my intended series covering unit testing and TDD and anything else that springs to mind. Earlier in the week I started the series intended to get straight into code, but my intended "intro paragraph" ended up being an entire article, which was then retitled "Unit Testing - initial rhetoric".

So I'm not looking at code today, instead I'm gonna look at why you oughtn't bother doing unit tests.

Huh? Yeah, that's an odd thing to suggest in a series about unit tests, innit? Well let me be abundantly clear now that I'm below the fold, and you're reading the article and not just reading the intro: there are no bloody reasons why you shouldn't unit test. And you're a muppet if you think there are. I should add that I'm not having a go at people who thusfar haven't been doing unit testing etc for whatever reason, but those people generally know they should have been doing it, but haven't for [some reason which they probably concede is invalid]. I'm only having a go at people who try to justify their position as being a valid one.

Thursday 18 July 2013


I'm a bit late with this as it happened a week or so ago, but I just noticed I've been prattling away on this blog for a year now.

Apropos of nothing, here's some mostly useless information about this blog.

I said in one of my earlier articles that I've learned more about ColdFusion since I started this blog than I had in the preceding few years. This continues to be the case, and I've learned a bunch of good stuff about Application.cfc, ColdFusion regexes, JSON (grumble), REST, interfaces (in general, as well as ColdFusion's inplementation of them), and various other odds 'n' sods. Even some web sockets stuff, whilst troubleshooting that security issue from a coupla weeks back. I've also used Railo a lot more, and had a look at Coldbox. Beyond ColdFusion I've also started dabbling with PHP and Ruby. It's been cool! I hope some of it was useful to you, or at least slightly interesting. Or killed some time whilst you tried to decipher what I was wittering on about.

To close, I'd like to say special thanks to a few people whose participation in this blog has been helpful, interesting or thought-provoking. In no particular order, and it's certainly not an exhaustive list:
  • Chris Kobrzak
  • Sean Corfield
  • Andrew Myers
  • Bruce Kirkpatrick
  • Brad Wood
  • Andrew Scott
  • Adam Tuttle
  • Ray Camden
  • Gavin Pickin
  • Jay Cunnington
  • Simon Baynes
  • Duncan Cumming
  • Brian Sadler
There's been a bunch of great input / correction / sanity-checking / bullshit-detection done by a heap of other people too.  Cheers to everyone who's participated here.

And now on to year 2...


Saturday 4 May 2013

Code Review

I became aware of Stack Exchange's Code Review website a few months back, but never really looked at it until today. I decided one way to get someone other than Bruce (no offence! ;-) to look at my PHP code would be to chuck it up there and see what happened. Well so far nothing has, but it's the weekend etc, so perhaps people have better things to do than review my code on the weekend. How this can be true I don't know, but the world is a funny place.

Anyway, they have a ColdFusion / CFML channel too, so it might be a place to chuck yer code up there to get reviewed.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Closure and bindings and that sort of bumpf

I was gonna put this reply on the Railo mailing list where the question mark was placed in my head, but figured I've been a slack-arse over the last week or so, so will post it here instead.

BTW: sorry for being a slack-arse, but I've been sick for the last week (just the dregs of it left now), so my attention-span for looking at computer screens is at a minimum, and all of that is occupied by my work requirements. Outside of work I've been sleeping-off this 'flu, or watching DVDs (which equates to watching the first 15min of a DVD, then resuming with the "sleeping-off this 'flu"... I'm turning into my father and his amazing ability to be put to sleep by anything).