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Sunday 3 November 2013

Unit Testing / TDD - why you should bother

OK, I actually showed some code in the last entry in this series, but now we're back to me spouting rhetoric (read: waffling on). This stems from Andrew Scott making a very good observation about a benefit of unit testing (not so much TDD) in a comment in my last article:
Adam, can I add another under estimated use for TDD. Apart from the bit you touched on about refactoring. But there comes a point when one will need to migrate to a newer version of ColdFusion or Railo, and this would help identify migration problems as well.

And Andrew is dead right.

Monday 7 October 2013

"Not worth the effort" again, from the Adobe ColdFusion team

Andrew Scott brought this one to my attention. It's what seems to be another example of Adobe finding the "too hard basket" being more convenient that rolling up one's sleeves and actually doing one's job properly.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

CFML: cfcontent in CFScript

As per my earlier article about a <cfqueryparam> enhancement I raised, which Adobe have put in the pipeline to be fixed, here's another one which could use some votes to get re-opened and fixed:

No equivalent in cfscript for cfcontent

There is currently no support for cfcontent in cfscript can we have it please.
This is ticket 3133316. It's an easy obvious thing that should be implemented in CFScript. I haven't needed this thing every single day, obviously, but I have needed to recode files on occasion when I find I do need to use <cfcontent> in an otherwise CFScript-only file.

It's currently marked as Closed / NotEnoughTime, but I'm sure if enough people got behind it, it can be reopened and dealt with.

I don't mean to attempt any ballot stuffing, so don't just go vote for it because I asked you to. But if it's the sort of thing you have had a need for, or think should be in CFScript as a matter of course, please add your vote.



Thursday 18 July 2013


I'm a bit late with this as it happened a week or so ago, but I just noticed I've been prattling away on this blog for a year now.

Apropos of nothing, here's some mostly useless information about this blog.

I said in one of my earlier articles that I've learned more about ColdFusion since I started this blog than I had in the preceding few years. This continues to be the case, and I've learned a bunch of good stuff about Application.cfc, ColdFusion regexes, JSON (grumble), REST, interfaces (in general, as well as ColdFusion's inplementation of them), and various other odds 'n' sods. Even some web sockets stuff, whilst troubleshooting that security issue from a coupla weeks back. I've also used Railo a lot more, and had a look at Coldbox. Beyond ColdFusion I've also started dabbling with PHP and Ruby. It's been cool! I hope some of it was useful to you, or at least slightly interesting. Or killed some time whilst you tried to decipher what I was wittering on about.

To close, I'd like to say special thanks to a few people whose participation in this blog has been helpful, interesting or thought-provoking. In no particular order, and it's certainly not an exhaustive list:
  • Chris Kobrzak
  • Sean Corfield
  • Andrew Myers
  • Bruce Kirkpatrick
  • Brad Wood
  • Andrew Scott
  • Adam Tuttle
  • Ray Camden
  • Gavin Pickin
  • Jay Cunnington
  • Simon Baynes
  • Duncan Cumming
  • Brian Sadler
There's been a bunch of great input / correction / sanity-checking / bullshit-detection done by a heap of other people too.  Cheers to everyone who's participated here.

And now on to year 2...


Monday 11 February 2013

Thread longevity weirdness

Man, I've been slack recently. Sorry: sickness, my "actual real life" getting in the way of sitting in front of the computer all the time, and general malaise have been pre-occupying me. I'm sure y'all been coping without a blog article to read. I have actually been beavering away with a coupla articles, but it's all just investigation at the moment, and I've nothing written down yet.

Here's an interesting thing I encountered on Friday, and just got a chance to write some test code now.  Consider this code:

Thursday 20 December 2012

Positive Communication from Adobe regarding ColdFusion: more thoughts

G'day (again):
I'm following the comment thread on the "ColdFusion: News, Initiatives and Updates from Adobe" blog post on the Adobe blog that got posted a few days ago. I offered my first tranche of feedback a coupla days ago, and here's my second lot.

These are replies to people's comments, and some general thoughts. I'm posting them here rather than there because this is too long for a comment cluttering-up someone else's blog. I'll cross reference this article over there too though. Also I want to get this discussion on the radar of my readers too, in case they're not aware of it, or have not thought/bothered to follow it.

I've worked my way down the comments, and commented / responded as I go. It's a bit stream-of-consciousness.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Positive Communication from Adobe regarding ColdFusion

In a break from the perceived doom & gloom I have been seeing recently regarding CFML - this blog, Sean's blog, Andy's blog (Andy's gripe is specifically about the ColdFusion installers not working on the current versions of Windows), the Fusion Authority blog etc, some  stuff from the Railo community (which seems a bit counterproductive to their cause, but it's only an element of the lunatic fringe that engage in this), and various series' of sound-bites on Twitter - Adobe published a very positive-sounding article on their official ColdFusion blog yesterday. It should come as no surprise that Adobe are sounding positive about their product, but it's really not something we hear too much of too often (Rakshith, take note ;-).

One might think that the article was all just self-promotion & marketing spiel, but this one actually had a bit of meat to it, which was refreshing.