Saturday 3 January 2015

Brad tries <cfclient>

This is just a heads-up. Brad's having a go at <cfclient>: "My First Foray Into CFClient". He's blogged about his initial challenges, and it makes for interesting reading.

In an epicaricatic sort of way.

He's made little progress so far, but - as far as I can tell, and knowing Brad to not be a slouch - this is not a reflection on him, it's more a warning about trying to use technology that basically became abandonware before it was even released. The issue is that so few (if any) people have tried to use <cfclient> that there is simply no material out there about it. So if a newbie tries it out, there's no help to be had on other people's blogs, or pre-existing Stack Overflow questions, or any expertise around to help for new Stack Overflow (or forum) questions. This would sort itself out if it was compelling technology, as people would just muddle along and work it out for themselves (or, hey, the owner of the technology might be of some use, by thoroughly documenting it). But no-one seems to care about <cfclient>. Or no-one who speaks up in public anyhow.

I wish Brad luck with the Adobe contest ("Mobile Application Development Contest - Deadline Extended to January 15th!!"). He deserves a grand just for wasting his time with this stuff.