Thursday 29 January 2015

Adam Cameron plagarises James Harvey

I'm replicating this - unmodified - from its original source (

I am most sincerely sorry.

To those out there on the internet, calling me a plagarist, I say this:

I am most sincerely sorry.

I meant no disrespect, nor did I intend (or have it interpreted) that I was taking credit for items
I had posted. I was using a very well assembled reference, and appending to it, however that wasn't
ever mentioned, nor does it need to be any further as the offending post was removed and purged.

I meant only repsect and admiration of my community peers, not trying to take credit for thier works
in any way. Yes, perhaps I had "written" I had developed or written certain codes, as I've done similiar
projects, and often do get them mixed up.

I am trying to get the exposure out about ColdFusion, and how dynamic and powerful a development language
it is, and I can appreciate everyone's views about that. That's it isn't as "dead" as others would like to
think, and assist in making it a prevelant language again.

Of that I am guilty, and I am sorry, with all my soul, about that.

Yes, perhaps I should have made it exceedingly clear in my writting that I was not the source of the reference,
but merely a messenger and trying to get the exposure for the language back out there.

For a long time, I hadn't seen what other communities were saying about the coldfusion one, until now.

I'm sorry for promoting a fantastic language, I'm sorry for not citing my sources properly or clearly, and I'm
most sorry that you all aren't happy with getting your work admired and respected by another peer.

As you may have noted I have shut this site down, and all of it's contents.

Again, to my Peers in the ColdFusion Community, no disrespect, was ever intended.
And I am sorry.

-James Harvey

I think this addresses the copying of my own material, and I'll accept it as an apology.

However he still seems a bit disingenuous in trying to explain / justify his actions, rather than just apologising for them. I do not believe he was doing this for the good of anyone other than himself, I'm afraid. Repeating my own writing with only a flimsy attribution after the fact is one thing; actively removing other people's names from their work and then claiming it as their own is another thing.

James, you should have just apologised, and left it at that.

Still: we only get our time once, so there's nowt that can be done about that now. And I reckon James might have learned his lesson here (and James, that's not "don't get caught", it's "don't do it in the first place").

Hopefully we can - all - move on from this chapter now.