Monday 27 October 2014

FFS, Adobe. Stop being such bloody amateurs

Now this irks me (in case you had not noticed).

Here's a couple new bugs that have gone into the Adobe ColdFusion Bug Tracker:

Log viewer title broken sometimes

I opened up Log Viewer and closed the one log I had opened. I opened another, application.log, and while it is working fine, the title is just "a".


And this has been Closed with "Closed / Withdrawn / Cannot Reproduce".

For the love of god. Ray included a screen cap of it! You've basically just closed a ticket with the rationalisation "works OK on my machine". I despair. I really do. The object of the exercise with these bugs is not to close them. Nor is it to contort common-sense in an effort to avoid work. The object is to sort the bugs out. Once they're sorted out, then you close them. And if you can't replicate it... you simply need to try harder to replicate it! Especially in this case where there is actual proof of it happening, right there on the ticket:

So unless you're suggesting Ray faked this, you are simply not putting enough effort into your jobs.

Secondly - in regards to this bug - it was not withdrawn. Only the person raising a bug can withdraw it. What you mean is "can't be arsed with it".

You need to reopen this issue, and act like professionals.

But wait... there's more...

Log Viewer, Close All Files, breaks Add

Open one or more files in the Log Viewer and use the "Close All Files" icon. When you do, if you click to add a log file, it won't show the file chooser. You have to restart CFB to get the ability to add log files again.
Here, the ticket was closed with "Closed / Withdrawn / Cannot Reproduce" within four minutes of it being raised. Four minutes. You didn't exactly try very hard, did you Dipanwita?

By closing an issue with this status when someone has raised it with you, you are basically accusing them of lying. Dipanwita: you just accused Ray Camden of lying.

Being more kind (kinda), you're accusing him of not knowing his arse from his elbow, and being mistaken about the situation. If there are mistakes being made about the locations of various anatomical items, I don't think it's on Ray's part here.

I dunno how Adobe continue to make such a pig's ear out of this stuff. But here's how to troubleshoot stuff you can't replicate:
  1. try harder;
  2. revert to the person who raised the issue and ask them for more info;
  3. repeat until replicated.
It's not rocket science.

Have some respect for your clients, Adobe. And in this case... have some bloody self-respect too. You're just embarrassing yourselves.