Friday 13 June 2014

What should Adobe be retro-fitting into ColdFusion 10? Here's a potential list

Adobe fixed a helluva lot of bugs during development of ColdFusion 11 (as per "Adobe ColdFusion Splendor (codename) & Adobe ColdFusion Thunder (codename)" (PDF)).

However there's been no patch for ColdFusion 10 for a while, and an awful lot of those bugs were raised against ColdFusion 10. So by rights they should be fixed in ColdFusion 10 too.

But fair's far... not every bug is important. So I've distilled that list down to just the ColdFusion 10 bugs, and the ones that were listed as "High".

Here they are:

I don't care about a lot of them (the ones I do care about I have highlighted... and I must go make sure I have voted for them), but clearly some people care about them.

Also note that 37 of the bugs they claim to have fixed either don't actually exist in the system, or are not publicly visible. So I cannot comment on the significance of those ones ("Do me a quick favour?").

So I would like to get an undertaking from Adobe that they will back-port all these into ColdFusion 10.

Some might think that fixing them in ColdFUsion 11 is good enough, but this - IMO - is bullshit. We have already paid for this stuff to work in ColdFusion 10, so it should work in ColdFusion 10. Plus this does not count all the other bugs that are minor / moderate, or that people have not found. So... fair's fair, Adobe... you can fix this lot, yes?

What do people think?

And if you want one of these fixed, make sure you have a) voted for it; b) comment that you want it back-ported into ColdFusion 10.