Monday 30 June 2014

Adobe apparently cease development and/or support of UI tags in ColdFusion

I didn't want to put a question mark on that for the traditional reasons. However it seems this might be true. At last.

Thanks to Henry Ho for putting this news in front of me:

Here's a ticket from the bugbase (3043516):

Cannot rename the 'save' and 'cancel' button in cfgrid when mode="edit"

Cannot rename the 'save' and 'cancel' button in cfgrid when mode="edit". My CF app is not even in English. If we can customize the text through `insertButton` and `deleteButton`, how come CF doesn't include `saveButton` & `cancelButton` in `<cfgrid>`?
Fair enough. Not very interesting.

But here's Adobe's reaction to it (three years after it was raised, btw):

To me, this signifies the death knell of ColdFusion's foray into client side code. Hooray. About bloody time. But I think perhaps it's a bit previous to be taking this position before they do stuff like deprecate these things. They surely - if they claim any sense of professionalism and enterprise support - need to support and maintain this functionality until after they deprecate them? People have, after all, already paid for these features to actually work. Up to and including the recently released ColdFusion 11.

But anyway, if yer using shit (and I mean shit) like <cfform>, <cfinput>, <cflayout>, <cfmap> etc... the writing's on the wall for you. Do yourself a favour and rip that stuff out of your app and replace it with a proper solutions. There's a bunch of suggested replacements for ColdFusion's UI cruft over at "ColdFusion UI the Right Way".

It's possibly unauthorised, but this is good news from Adobe.