Monday 9 June 2014

Ortus does what Adobe / Railo ought to have done...

Luis & Brad (and Alex from Pixl8) have been offering teasers for CommandBox for a while now: Luis first showed me at CF.Objective(), and had been talking about it before then. Today they released a "trailer" for it: "Teaser Video for CommandBox". Go watch it.

As I said on Twitter just now:

(seems a bit odd to be quoting myself, yeah)

I stand by that. It brings a CLI, REPL, Package Manager and package repository (ForgeBox) to the CFML world. Fantastic.

The video is unabashedly *box-centric with his examples, but I've also seen Dom from Pixl8 demonstrate the alpha to install Pixl8's PresideCMS being installed as follows:

preside site new
preside start

There were a coupla options like DSN names and a path to fill in, but that was it. PresideCMS was downloaded, installed, and started just like that.

I can't wait to get my hands on CommandBox, and check it out (where I'll find the time, I have no idea).

Great work, Ortus. Seriously.