Monday 16 June 2014

Adam Cameron's C# Blog

Well here's a milestone in the making. Today I commence a week-long course to cross-train from CFML to C#. The course is not specifically tailored to migration from CFML, but it amounts to the same thing, career-wise. The expectation is that general programming skills remain the same within programming paradigms, and the specific language being used is neither really here nor there.

Once we have this leg-up into the world of C# and MS's take on website development, we'll be splitting our time between CFML and .net; initially just helping out whilst we get a handle on how the applications at work have been written, and broadening our development muscle-memories to encompass the .net side of things as well. I would expect to be able to consider myself a "senior" C# developer within a year, I should think?

And, no, I am not renaming the blog, that was just a tease to get clicks. However it probably does spell the beginning of my migration away from CFML. This will not be something that happens in the short term though.

It occurs to me now I've not been on a training course since... um... 1996, I think! 2000 if one counts the Fast Track to ColdFusion (I don't, really). So I better go polish up an apple for the teacher, and hit the Tube.