Saturday 12 April 2014

Well that's nice

I had a nice comment posted against one of my UDFs @ today:

Sting (Guest):
Well, This is He, even if his functions make no sense, he adds them here, because he is administrator of this site..
This is in regards to the savecontent() UDF I submitted a few weeks ago ("How about this for savecontent?").

TBH, the UDF is of minimal merit: it's definitely a proof of concept thing and simply replicates existing functionality. Although I happen to think it's a better approach to doing a <cfsavecontent> operation in CFScript, compared to the options Railo and ColdFusion have offered.

The reason why I posted is threefold:

  • it's a reasonable demonstration of doing less-obvious things with inline function expressions, so might prompt people to think about them more;
  • it demonstrates how "closing tag" operations can be done in CFScript without needing special "block" syntax (which I deeply dislike);
  • CFLib is a bit traffic-slow these days, so I thought it might remind people it's there.
Now to "Sting":
  • if you're gonna have a go at someone, at least have the balls to use your real name;
  • I am indeed the "editor" of CFLib, in that I am the one that approves incoming UDFs. And I did approve this function. Had you written it, I'd've approved it too. have a look through some of the other functions on there: there's a lot of pointless cruft. I really don't think this is pointless cruft though;
  • go on then... where's your contribution to the community (btw, I know your IP address, and having looked it up I think I know you perhaps have contributed a lot to the "community")?
BTW, Sting... your comment was deleted, but not by me. I'm not the only admin on the site. If it was up to me, I'd've left it there as a testament to you.

Not a gripping blog article, but I am down the pub in Galway again - if you're watching my Untappd feed, you'll've noticed this - and I am amidst a more useful / on-topic one. And sampling lots of different beers. And, hey, it's Saturday.