Thursday 10 April 2014

ColdFusion 11 release date confirmed to be no later than...

This is the first "official" statement from Adobe I've heard about ColdFusion 11's release date. I was watching Ray's presentation that he gave to the Salt Lake City UG: "Recording and demos from my ColdFusion 11 presentation", and he let a tentative timeframe slip...

... he confirmed it would be "before CF.Objective()". And made a point of saying it would not be released at CF.Objective(), but before it. CF.Objective() is on May 13-16.

So that means ColdFusion 11 will be release within the next month, for all intents and purposes. ColdFusionMX 7, ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 were all released on a Monday; ColdFusion 10 on a Tuesday. So I'm gonna pick Mon May 12, 2014 as the release date for ColdFusion 11.

On one hand that's good news. On the other hand there's still a huge number of bugs that haven't been even looked at yet, so... I'm pretty disappointed they're not giving it a second round of beta. Well: I guess the released version will be treating the public as continued beta testers. It also means all the outstanding bugs will just get closed as "deferred, not enough time", and we won't see any potential action on them until I guess 2016.

I am still checking bits and pieces of the current beta, and every time I look at something, I find a bug. Not generally hugely significant things, but equally I'm not actually looking for bugs either, they're just sitting there ready to find. There is no way I'd advocate anyone use it until 11.0.1 at the very least.

BTW: I learned a few good things about CF11 from Ray's presentation, so it's worth a watch.