Tuesday 8 April 2014

Cool CFML open source project I just spotted

Just a heads-up really. MisterDai (David Boyer) has a project on GitHub, cfbackport. The description in the readme says:

This project aims to make at least some functions from newer versions of Adobe
ColdFusion avilable in older versions.  For example, SessionInvalidate() is new
to CF10 but undocumented features make it possible in at least CF8+, possibly
even CF7.
Each set of functions is wrapped within an "if" statement to make sure they
aren't loaded if the version already supports them.

How cool is that idea? He's just uploaded a backport of queryExecute(), and there's a bunch of other stuff there too. This is definitely something the CFML community will benefit from, so would be good to get some more community participation going.

That's it. Nice work David.